Men and Women meet separately but concurrently on Wednesday nights at 7. The focus of the group is the clear instruction of God’s Word, accountability towards one another in spiritual disciplines, and prayer. 


Join our weekly women's group as we seek to forge the connection between belief and behavior in the Christian life. (Note: We engage in three studies per month; the first week of each month is devoted exclusively to prayer.)

Our Current Series: Soul Rest

Rest is designed by God to refresh and restore us. But how do we get it, what does it look like, and what can it do for us on a daily basis? 

Soul Rest: A Journey with Jesus draws us into our Savior's discipleship program to see how He rested and how He instructed His followers to rest. It shows us that it is only in His footsteps and in His shadow that deep, life-changing soul rest resides. 

Join our women's discipleship group beginning August 8 as we embark on this journey together--a journey of rest.

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